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Time is your most precious commodity.  Our mission – to help you regain yours.
We provide comprehensive wealth management tailored to your unique family's needs.  We deliver peace of mind, so you can focus on what matters most.
  • Institutional-grade analysis & endowment-style investing
  • Holistic planning, integrating wealth, health, and longevity
  • Bespoke family office & estate planning for next-gen wealth

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Our process

During our first call, we aim to understand your financial goals, learn how you manage your wealth, and discuss your motivations for connecting.


During the Discovery Phase, we seek to deeply understand your wealth and health objectives, challenges, and plans for achieving what you define as success.


Following the Discovery Phase, we will share a proposal that includes how we would invest your wealth (with a tailored asset allocation and investment policy statement) and build your family office.

The Initial Assessment Call is designed to:


Explore your motivations and any recent financial developments


Gain insights into your short and long-term wealth and health objectives


Discuss how Lumida's services can be tailored to meet your goals


Determine if there is mutual interest in moving forward

During the initial assessment call, we focus on getting a high-level understanding of your unique financial situation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees and charges?

Lumida charges an annual management fee (“Management Fee”) based on the average daily balance of the Assets Under Management and Assets under Advisement on the last day of the quarter.

The Management Fee for Assets Under Management varies between 25 basis points (.25%) and 200 basis points (2%) and from 15 basis points (.15%) to 50 basis points (.50%”) for Assets Under Advisement depending upon the size and composition of a Client’s portfolio and the type of services rendered.

In addition to Management Fees assessed by Lumida, the Firm will charge a flat Fixed Base Fee for Family Office Services negotiated with each Family Office client at the discretion of Lumida.  Fixed Base Fees are based on the scope and complexity of the services provided, charged quarterly on a prorated basis based on an annualized amount as noted in each service agreement.

For a complete discussion of fees, please refer to Lumida’s Form ADV.

How do you tailor your services to individual client needs?

Lumida crafts a specific investment strategy for each client, focusing on the client’s specific goals, objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and special considerations.  With those inputs, Lumida develops an asset allocation and investment policy statement for each client.    

For each Family Office Services client, Lumida prepares a written financial plan that may include cash flow analysis, tax planning, estate planning, debt analysis, charitable planning, real estate analysis, or other non-investment related topics.  

Lumida does not provide accounting or legal advice, and does not prepare accounting or legal documents. Instead, Lumida works in conjunction with attorneys, accountants, and/or other outside specialists as deemed appropriate by each Family Office client to assist in the implementation of the financial planning recommendations.

How often will I meet with my advisor?

The frequency with which Lumida meets with its clients depends on the circumstances and needs of each individual client.  

Lumida meets every week with some Family Office clients as we are building out their multi-dimensional family office.

Other clients may only need to meet quarterly to review their investments and plan for upcoming financial obligations or opportunities.

At the outset of the relationship, we aim to meet with each client once per month to build a deep and meaningful relationship.

Regardless of the scheduled appointments, we’re always available for our clients.  Importantly, we meet our clients where they are – we’ll connect in person, over the phone, via video conferences, and on Telegram or WhatsApp.

What investment strategies do you employ?

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Do you offer ongoing financial planning services, or is it a one-time consultation?

At the outset of a new client relationship, Lumida may engage in financial planning to tailor our investment recommendations to our clients financial objectives.  Every year we will revisit and update the plan based on performance and any change in objectives.  We also update financial plans after material life changes (e.g., marriage, new children, or a liquidity event).

What types of clients do you typically work with?

We typically work with high and ultra-high net worth founders, entrepreneurs, and crypto native investors.  We focus on helping clients with $3MM – $100MM+ net worth who are seeking both investment management advisory services and family offices services.

Do you offer tax planning and estate planning services?

We coordinate our approach with tax and estate planning in mind.  While we do not develop estate plans nor provide tax advice, we coordinate our efforts with tax and estate planning professionals.

Are there learning materials available for individuals interested in self-directed financial management?

We share many of our views on the market and our investment themes in our newsletter and the Insights section of our website.

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