Demographics & Healthcare

The world is witnessing a demographic shift. The Baby Boomer generation, a significant portion of the global population, is transitioning into retirement. In the United States, by 2030, the number of retirees (people over 65) will exceed those under 18. With this shift comes a myriad of investment opportunities, especially in the sectors of healthcare and biotechnology.

For individuals & institutions, this presents a unique chance to tap into markets poised for exponential growth.


The Boomers aren't just retiring;
they're living longer, healthier lives.

Longevity brings with it a burgeoning demand for specialized care and assisted living facilities.

Private REITs, especially those focusing on this demographic, are in a prime position to capitalize on this trend.

These REITs not only promise attractive growth prospects but also command a premium over their counterparts, making them a lucrative investment avenue.


The biotech sector is on the cusp of a renaissance.

Innovations like CRISPR, AI-driven drug discovery, and protein folding technologies are ushering in a new era of medical advancements. The sector's vast project landscape and outcome dispersion provide skilled managers with the perfect playground to generate alpha, especially through long/short equity strategies.


The Total Addressable Market (TAM) for the healthcare sector is vast. Yet, the industry has been somewhat sluggish in adopting new technologies. Emerging trends, such as telemedicine, physician practice teams, and the increasing role of nutrition in functional medicine, are reshaping healthcare delivery.

For individuals & institutions, this translates to investment opportunities in ventures that are at the intersection of technology and healthcare.

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The confluence of aging demographics and rapid advancements in healthcare presents a golden investment opportunity.

At Lumida, we recognize the transformative potential of the healthcare and biotech sectors. Our expertise lies in sifting through the noise to identify genuine investment opportunities. Whether it's tapping into the growing demand for assisted care facilities or navigating the complex landscape of biotech investments, Lumida stands as a beacon for our clients looking to invest in the future of healthcare.With Lumida as your trusted partner, you can navigate this landscape with confidence, ensuring that your investments are not just timely but also future-proof.

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