Professionalizing Protocol DAO Treasury Management

...built by a team of crypto-native investment professionals.

Protocol DAOs are the future organizational structure.  Yet they need a better way to manage their investments and meet their financial objectives.

Unlike their institutional counterparts, Protocol DAO treasuries often do not have access to or insight and service from professional investment managers.

We believe Protocol DAOs deserve the same access to cutting edge insights and service that their institutional counterparts have.

Protocol treasuries are not just about numbers; they represent trust and community. Quick, unplanned liquidation can erode this trust.

We recognize the balancing act required to maintain sufficient liquidity while not undermining the value of your native token.

We offer the following services to Protocol DAOs:

Liquidity Planning

Ensuring availability of funds when necessary, without missing growth opportunities.

Yield Generation

Identifying avenues to deliver consistent returns in a highly dynamic environment amid higher real interest rates.

Safeguarding Assets

Maintaining self-custody or working with a Qualified Custodian to protect digital assets from risk.

Protocol DAOs: Institutional Treasury Management

Our protocol treasury offering is purpose built for your DAOs Treasury Management needs.

Investment Strategies

DAOs need strategies to preserve capital, generate income, diversify holdings, and manage risk while maintaining a highly concentrated native token position.

Non-Custodial Advisory

With Lumida Wealth’s non-custodial, advisory solution for DAOs, each DAO can maintain custody of its assets or choose a qualified custodian. Lumida Wealth never handles your private keys.

Why Lumida Stands Apart

Discover a world of comprehensive financial solutions tailored for protocol DAOs across investing and service.
Regulatory Compliant
Trust is paramount. We’re an SEC-registered investment advisor, so you're working with a regulated entity that is held to a fiduciary standard.
Endowment Style Approach
Whether it’s fiat or crypto, equity or fixed, we apply a ‘cross-asset class’ approach to identify opportunities across asset classes.
You Keep Control
We respect your autonomy. We never take custody of your assets or manage your private keys, ensuring control remains with you.
Professional Investment Advice
Many existing players in the category are not appropriately licensed, nor do they have deep investment experience.
On-Chain and Off-Chain
We’re fluent in both worlds - on-chain & off-chain. Your treasury deserves a holistic approach.
Consultative Planning
Beyond advisory, we embark on a consultative journey with you, crafting a roadmap that satisfies your liquidity plan, growth, and risk requirements.

Lumida’s Suite of Services

Discover a world of comprehensive financial solutions tailored for protocol DAOs across investing and service.
Dedicated Financial Advisor
Your DAO's goals are unique. Work one-on-one with an advisor attuned to your objectives.
Liquidity/Cash Management
Ensure your funds are accessible and optimized at all times.
Capital Call Management
Navigate the intricacies of private investments with ease.
Holistic Investment Management
Seamlessly access and transition between on-chain and off-chain investment avenues to achieve your objectives.
Financial Planning
Chart a course for the future with proactive and strategic planning.
Investment Manager Diligence
Vet potential investments, such as liquid crypto hedge fund strategies, with our expertise.


Consolidated Reporting
A unified view of your finances, easily accessible and transparent.
Our investment approach applies modern analytics to construct portfolios to meet your needs.
Digital Vault
We organize your materials so it’s easy for you to stay on top of your holdings.