About Us

We are a digitally native, independent investment advisor specializing in alternative investments and digital assets.

Essentially, Lumida Wealth is our response to the need for a more integrated and client-first approach in wealth management.

We're committed to putting our clients' interests first and eagerly await the opportunity to guide others on their journey to managing wealth and legacy.

Our circle of excellence is the intersection of finance and technology. We bring decades of direct operating and investing experience across private funds, hedge funds, and banks.

We have a deep understanding of both the traditional financial world and the innovative technologies that are shaping the future of investing.

Join us on our mission

What we do

Our approach is centered on three pillars

Endowment-style Investing
We invest across asset classes with a preference for tax-efficient alternative investments. We prefer niche, capacity constrained, strategies with a capital imbalance or dislocation.
Excellent Service
Clients have a dedicated professional that is focused on helping them achieve their financial and health goals.
Connecting Wealth & Health
We provide integrated solutions to individuals and families for growth, management, and preservation of wealth, health, and legacy.
Our approach is holistic. We start by deeply understanding our clients’ wealth, health, and legacy objectives.

...built by a team of crypto-native investment professionals.

We offer financial planning to balance cash flow management with investment objectives

How we do it
We are a fiduciary, not a commission incentivized broker, which allows us to source and provide our clients access to products and services best fit for their particular needs.

We structure endowment style investing that balances capital appreciation with income generation through a multi asset class investment strategy.

We focus on investment themes that we believe are changing the way the world operates.

We support our clients full legacy management, creating wealth and health blueprints to guide everything from wealth creation to healthspan maintenance to trust and estate planning and insurance structuring.

We dedicate significant resources to high touch client support so that our clients get back their time and have peace of mind.
The Lumida Advantage

Client-First Approach

As a fiduciary, we embody a client-first ethos.

We are not a broker-dealer like the big banks which have conflicts of interest and earn hidden fees for pushing internal products or winning investment banking mandates.

Lumida is a fee-only advisor. Our interests are aligned with yours. Our solutions are tailored to your objectives. We do not take a cookie-cutter approach prevalent in traditional wealth management.


Expertise in Alternatives

Our investment motto is "Invest Beyond the Ordinary” which refers to our focus on Alternative Investments. Our team and advisors backgrounds have expertise in Credit Strategies, Private Equity, and Digital Assets.

We tap into a distinguished network of top-tier investment professionals, each with deep insights and leadership in their respective fields. These fields include Venture Capital, Biotechnology, and AI / Semiconductors.


Your Financial Quarterback

Lumida takes the stress off managing your investments, giving you more time for family, hobbies, and other important things. We offer a quarterback service.

The quarterback will work with your tax advisors, estate attorneys, bookkeepers and insurance agents to give your time back and drive your agenda forward. We ensure seamless execution from K-1 collection to sub-doc handling, all while optimizing cash and liquidity management to meet your financial aspirations.


Preserving and Growing a Legacy

Lumida is devoted to a holistic wealth management approach.

Our bespoke estate planning & insurance services, help safeguard not just your financial, but overall well-being across generations.




Understanding that each individual has a unique financial path, we offer personalized guidance and strategies to navigate the complexities of personal wealth management.


For institutions, we offer strategies as robust as your foundations. We understand  challenges in institutional finance and offer specialized support for DAOs/Protocols, Endowments, and Pensions.

Family Offices

The world of family offices is not just about managing wealth; it's about preserving a legacy.

Invest beyond the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary

We bring deep experience from market-leading firms in digital assets and traditional finance including Cross River, Anchorage and Merrill Lynch.