Episode 4 | The God Molecule: 5-MeO-DMT & Psychedelics

Justin Guilder, Ram Ahluwalia & Tommy Christie

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Episode Description

In this special episode of Lumida Legacy Tommy Christie shares his intense and mystical experiences using 5-MeO-DMT, known as the "God molecule". He describes the ego death transition and entering a divine state of non-duality, where he felt eternally connected to source consciousness underlying all existence. Tommy explains how these transcendent trips revealed deeper truths about the primacy of self-love and breathwork. He also discusses the role of plant medicines throughout history, the importance of treating them with reverence, and advice for those interested in journeying themselves.

Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Hi, and welcome to the Lumida Legacy Podcast. I'm your host, Justin Gilder. On this podcast, we'll explore how to achieve and plan for a long, healthy life, as well as how to prepare for the inevitable and unforeseen through estate planning, insurance, and end of life decisions. We'll talk candidly with experts who advise high, and ultra high net worth clients, so you can learn how to apply their strategies and tactics to your own longevity and legacy planning.

The information provided in this episode is for educational and informational purposes only. This podcast episode features discussions about DMT and 5 MeO, substances classified as Schedule 1 drugs, in many jurisdictions. The use, possession, and distribution of Schedule 1 drugs, including DMT and 5 MeO, are prohibited by law in many places.

This content is also not a substitute for professional medical advice. The hosts and creators of Lumida Legacy are not advocating or promoting the use of these substances. Listeners are responsible for understanding and complying with the laws in their respective jurisdictions. Listen responsibly. This is a [00:01:00] special live edition of Lumida Legacy.

I'm so thrilled to be here, joined by my co founder Ram and Tommy Christie, who is Joining us from Denver, Colorado, we've talked with Tommy a little bit to understand how the God molecule has changed his life. He's a psychonaut who's taken several journeys in exploring and transcending current reality.

And he's here to share his experience with us, tell us a little bit about what he's learned as a result of these experiences. And really just shed light on what it means to explore reality and the world in which we live. And then what happens on the other side? How do you feel after you do these experiences?

How does it change your view on life and reality and the world? And then also, how do you do it for others? Do you help others go on this journey if somebody is interested [00:02:00] but has never done it? To lay the groundwork, Ram, I'm going to ask you to kick us off a little bit and share at a high level what 5DEO DMT is, and also what piqued your interest in 5DEO.

These types of plant medicine and therapeutics, because I think it's a very important and personal journey. If you can share a little bit today on that. Yeah I'll work backwards. First off, I've always been interested in the concept of consciousness. The world is fundamentally mysterious. Here we are, we exist, we experience, we have phenomena.

And there's a big philosophical problem called the hard problem of consciousness and no one's cracked it. So alternative states of consciousness.

It's, I'm thrilled to be speaking with Tommy here, DMT, which is the active ingredient in 5 MeO DMT, and Tommy's had multiple experiences around that, is what causes the psychedelic experience. [00:03:00] So DMT is a dimethyltryptamine, and it's present in living organisms, it's present in plants, vines, it's present in mushrooms, magic mushrooms specifically.

And it's present in the secretions of the Sonoran desert toad, which is typically where 5MEO DMT is cultivated. And it's been used in these ancient shamanic rituals for thousands of years. I believe there's a lot to learn from ancient wisdom, something that I appreciate more and more the older I get.

And so those are the reasons why I find it interesting. I think I would maybe was first introduced this concept around Ayahuasca, maybe 10, 12 plus years ago, and just reading the stories of these journeys. They're more interesting than any science fiction novel you can read. I find them very interesting.

If you ever want to listen to something interesting, go to YouTube, type in DMT experience, heroic dose, trip report, or something [00:04:00] like that. You'll get a lot of entertainment. And you might even find some common themes across those reports. So I find that intellectually interesting. Mike Tyson did an interview.

Go ahead, Justin. I was actually just going to say that Mike Tyson has, it might be somebody that you find on YouTube when you search that. And I think Ram, you were talking about that earlier. There's many other people that have experienced this. There are few who, when you watch the video are as captivating in their description.

Of the experience and few who are just so iconic in our cultural reality. I agree. We got a short one minute clip here with Mike Tyson. Have you done DMT? Done it around 50 times. No way. That was the thing Rogan was talking about. Yeah, that was the toad, the god model. What do you see when you do DMT? Ooh, I wanna know.

Your ego dies. You're afraid to death. You feel the presence of something that is so much bigger than you. You [00:05:00] can't even conceive it. And the only thing you can say is that this car, I think DMT is who we are. We caught DMT when we died, when we first gave birth to this product, I was on cocaine when I did the to.

I used to drink a lot. I used was a meth and I was a hundred pounds overweight. And so I did. Lose weight, I lost a hundred pounds in four months. Right after you did it? Yeah. Yeah. So what was like it right after you did it? What did you like take from the experience? To command to be the best you can be and just get in the best physical shape you can.

Now lose that fucking fat, you fat fuck. Oh, I miss a hard man. I can't say, Hey guys, let's go work out man, it's time to work out. Where do you think that passion comes from? That fire. God. That's a great way to start this off. I think losing ego. Is a really important component of these experiences. And so now I would love to ask Tommy to introduce himself and share a little bit about your background.

I know when we spoke, you said, Hey, look, I'm just a human [00:06:00] who's living in Colorado who can share some of his experiences. I think you're very humble. Maybe you've already set aside the ego, which tells us a little bit about how you came out on the other side of some of these experiences. Hey, thank you, Justin.

And thank you, Ron, for having me on today. It's a pleasure and an honor to share my experience and to share my voice with your audience and with you guys. So thank you. I really appreciate it. And yeah, I love that Mike Tyson clip. That's incredible. He's a real gangster. I love Mike. And in terms of who I am, yeah, I live here in Denver, Colorado.

I'm a salesman. That's what puts food on my table. I also do photography. As a passion and a side hustle, and I'm also a writer, I write every single day, I share it on X, I love writing about just my experience as a human being, I would say I'm a niche less writer, like I don't have necessarily something that I discuss, I'd say I am the niche, I write about my own experiences, And about what my own human experience has taught me.

And [00:07:00] I'm very honored to be here. That was the question you asked, right? Just to introduce myself. Yeah. And that's perfect. Just love to get a little setting and understanding. When was the first time you used plant medicine and when the first time was it DMT or did you start out with magic mushrooms and psychosilabin, something a little tamer?

Yeah. Yeah. Good question, man. The first time I took psychedelics, it was psilocybin in. College, I took it, I think it was 22, I'm 33 now, so it was like 11 years ago that my journey started down the psychedelic path. And it was in college, I was hanging out with some friends, and I'd actually been drinking a little bit, and yeah, psilocybin by the way, mushrooms, magic mushrooms, for people that don't know, like more or less the scientific terminology behind it.

And fun fact, it's not actually a plant, but it is under, it's technically a plant medicine, It's technically fungi, it's its own kingdom. Fungi lies between the animal [00:08:00] kingdom and the plant kingdom. So it's technically not a plant, but it is for all intents and purposes in the, in, in the the kingdom of life.

It's right between plants and animals, so it's like halfway between a human and like a plant. But yeah, so I took a few grams, like three grams of it when I was in, in college and. That kind of kickstarted I'd say a really healing journey, more or less, that I think that prompted me to start taking these medicines.

I felt really an intuitive draw to psychedelics when I was younger, and I couldn't really explain why. I started reading about Timothy Leary, Alan Watts, Ram Dass, Ron, I don't know if you know about Ram Dass and Tim Leary, but they were professors at Harvard that ended up being fired because they were giving LSD to their students at Harvard.

Which is just wild. So I started reading about them and. I had a friend that was selling mushrooms, so I was like, all right, it's time to try it. Those are both interesting characters. So Timothy Leary brought back a book called the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and then Ram [00:09:00] Das was actually his new name. He moved to India and became a disciple.

And by the way, he has the most interesting interpretation. of this ancient sacred Hindu text called the Bhagavad Gita. So we don't have to go down that rabbit hole. Just connecting some dots for our teachers here. Oh, totally. I've read that book as well. The Bhagavad Gita. It's amazing. And yeah, Ram Dass's original name was Richard Alpert.

And when he was teaching at Harvard, and then he became just totally disenfranchised and ostracized from academia because of the nature of what he was doing. Be here now, if anybody's interested. That's the one, that's one of the, that's right. And he was both doing LSD experiments at Harvard, and this is when LSD and psychedelics were in ascendancy.

And then some events happened, and then it went away for a few decades. Yeah, Richard Nixon actually called. He called Timothy Leary the most dangerous man in the United States of America, [00:10:00] and I think that speaks to the power of which these substances have to dissolve boundaries and to dissolve structures.

I don't think he was actually dangerous, he was just dangerous in the sense that The messaging and like the philosophies that he was propounding and putting out into the world Dissolve power and dissolve their own power. I thought that's interesting super interesting. Yeah, the powers that be Don't love when authority is questioned or anything structural that can change The power dynamics.

Going back to that first experience, obviously it set you on this course. So it was meaningful in its own right. You called it healing. What led you to explore it further? Did you want to heal more? Did you, was your interest peaked? What led you to continue down that path? Yeah, my interest was peaked for sure.

I really actually discovered Meditation and psychedelics really at around the same time. I've been a consistent pretty much daily meditator for the last [00:11:00] 11 years. And I was also started taking psychedelics right at around the same time. And yeah, it was really the only way that I can describe it is like I had this intuitive pull to these substances.

Like I did it that one time and I realized there was a lot more there. There was a lot more that I needed to continue to unpack. And to experience and honestly, like for that year, this was my junior year of college. I went to Virginia Tech in Virginia. I studied philosophy and I also studied geography and philosophy.

I think was monumental as well. My journey towards truth, but very much call myself a seeker, a truth seeker. I really just want to find out what's happening like behind the curtains of reality with what the hell is happening. This is. It's really weird. It's like we wake up one morning and we're a human being and we go out, we go throughout the world.

We have, we just take it for granted. I think most people take it for granted. And I, it was all just a, it's all rooted in my pursuit for truth and my pursuit for wisdom and my pursuit for knowledge. [00:12:00] And I just realized that when I took those mushrooms, something was awakened in me. There was something just, it was like a dialogue with God himself.