Direct Indexing & Tax Loss Harvesting

In the intricate world of investments, Lumida empowers you to seize control, offering unparalleled access to direct indexing strategies that resonate with your financial aspirations. Direct indexing is an index investing strategy that involves directly purchasing the components of an index at the appropriate weights.

Why Direct Indexing?

Direct indexing can provide greater autonomy, control, and tax advantages to certain investors, over owning an index mutual fund or an index exchange-traded fund.

Here's what makes Direct Indexing a preferred choice for our discerning clientele:

Tax Efficiency
The strategy stands out for its tax efficiency. With the flexibility to harvest tax losses, you can offset losses against capital gains, optimizing your tax implications.
Reduce Tracking Error
Tracking error can erode net returns and arises because many index mutual funds and index ETFs do not own the exact index, but rather approximate it to reduce their own costs. With direct indexing, every stock is held at the appropriate weight.
Bespoke Portfolios
Tailor your investments to mirror your unique financial goals and risk appetite. Direct Indexing allows investors to modify their portfolio relative to the index weightings to slightly overweight or underweight certain holdings or sectors, creating what is known as a tilt

The Lumida Advantage

In a world where the traditional 60/40 portfolio no longer suffices, Lumida stands as a beacon for those seeking more.

Our clients, with their insatiable thirst for knowledge and clarity, recognize the potential of niche asset classes and emerging technologies.Lumida's mission is clear: to guide you beyond the ordinary, helping you achieve the extraordinary.

With institutional-grade insights and an unwavering dedication, Lumida is more than just an investment advisor;
we're your partner in achieving financial brilliance.