TradFi White Glove Service For Crypto-Natives

Lumida is pleased to announce a new crypto-native wealth management offering for clients seeking expert advice & execution while maintaining self-custody.

what is this about

Crypto-Native Service via Telegram

Qualified clients can interact with crypto-native financial advisors on Telegram.

The transaction executes only if you accept the recommendation.

Recommended orders will appear as a pop-up message on the app of your choice, such as Metamask or Coinbase Wallet.

This service allows you to benefit from personalized advice and efficient execution while maintaining self-custody.

Additionally, you avoid the hassle of manually executing complex on-chain transactions, such as setting up a uniswap liquidity pair.
You can request transactions such as buying, selling, or staking tokens. Our advisor will also recommend transactions.

The Lumida Advantage

Service Excellence

Our Crypto-Native Advisors provide time-saving execution and market color.

We will recommend asset trades and manage smart contract interactions on your behalf.

Early Access

Timing is everything in crypto; accessing tokens before they are on major exchanges creates a source of potential alpha.

Alternative Investments

Our advisors offer access to on-chain yield strategies.

They also provide a range of alternative investments, including money market funds and on-chain private equity options.

These investments are provided by firms including BlackRock, Franklin Templeton, and Hamilton Lane.

Growth Strategy

Get access to our Growth Strategy


This strategy is focused on quality assets & momentum rotation.


We identify tokens that we believe will outperform the market based on price action and narrative.

We buy, track, and monitor these token positions and rebalance the portfolio regularly.


Potential for capital appreciation.

Access to early alpha (invest before tokens are on popular exchanges).

Diversify into alternative assets.

Yield Strategy

Get access to our Yield Strategy


The purpose of the yield strategy is to generate income on your crypto tokens.

This strategy generates yield by providing liquidity to Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) and Automated Market Makers (AMMs).


We work with proven protocols such as Uniswap for the Ethereum protocol or Raydium for the Solana protocol.

This dampens the volatility from holding tokens and provides a means to generate yield on your tokens.


Generate income.

Reduce volatility.

Enhance diversification.

Get Your Time Back

Your experience is fast, easy & secure
Here we are going to walk you through the process
Step 1

Lumida client is introduced to their Crypto-Native Advisor.

The Advisor identifies your goals and objectives.

Step 2

Lumida clients download the L1 app on their phone or desktop.

L1’s easy onboarding will help you get started quickly. Our Advisor will guide you through the process in case of any issues.

Step 3

The Advisor will start recommending transactions for you.

These transactions will appear in your wallet.

You can review your recommendations at your leisure to approve or reject the order.

The L1 Platform

L1’s software capabilities facilitate straightforward onboarding, wallet connections, funding, and recommendations.

The L1 Platform, formerly known as L1 Advisors, is a venture-backed firm that has garnered support from prominent investors, including Van Eck and the CEO of Lumida.

Demonstrating its commitment to operational integrity and security, L1 has successfully completed a SOC2 Type 1 audit.


L1 partners with leading multi-sig wallet providers like Safe{wallet}.

This enables secure, institutional-grade custody for client holdings.

Clients retain full control over their assets through hardware wallets.

Multi-party approvals for transactions - only authorized users can access funds.

The Future is Now

Ride the ETF Wave for Crypto Growth

Approval of Bitcoin ETFs have ignited significant interest in digital assets.

Market participants expect an Ethereum ETF to launch soon.


DeFi and Tokenization themes are growing as asset managers such as BlackRock, Hamilton Lane, and Franklin Templeton put money market funds and alternative investments on-chain.


New investment themes - such as the intersection of AI & Crypto - are gaining traction.

We believe now is the time to invest in tokens linked to the best themes and teams in the market.

Crypto Sub-Advisor

Ironclad Financial

Ironclad Financial, led by Nick Rygiel, is a Registered Investment Advisory firm based in Bryn Mawr, PA, bringing its expertise and innovative approach to decentralized finance (DeFi). 

Ironclad Financial bridges technology and finance, offering customized solutions for clients interested in digital assets. Our analysis, transparency and strategic portfolio construction, helps investors explore DeFi opportunities while managing risks and balancing financial objectives effectively.

Founder @ Ironclad Financial
Nick Rygiel

Invest beyond the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary

We bring deep experience from market-leading firms in digital assets and traditional finance including Cross River, Anchorage and Merrill Lynch.