Strategies as robust as your foundations.

At Lumida, we understand that every financial journey is unique. In the intricate world of high-net-worth investment, Lumida stands as a beacon of expertise, guiding private clients through the multifaceted challenges of wealth management.

Lumida Quarterback Offering

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of work it takes to manage your investments, finances, taxes, and legacy planning?

A remarkable 63% of HNW investors admit to feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of financial professionals they work with to manage their wealth.

That’s where Lumida can help.

At Lumida, we understand that modern investors must manage multiple parties: brokers, bankers, tax specialists, accountants, bookkeepers, estate planners, insurance providers and other professionals.

Working with these professionals takes up your limited, precious time.

What if you had a quarterback to guide and manage them?

Lumida’s Quarterback Service

K-1 Collection, Subdoc Execution & Tax Oversight

Managing private investments can be a burden. We help manage K-1 collection, subdoc execution and coordinate tax estimation and manage liquidity considerations if you pay in April and need to amend in September. We alleviate the private investment burden for you. 

Health and Legacy Support

We can help build a team of concierge doctors, wellness nutritionists, and trainers to give you the best chance at achieving your maximum healthspan.  We’ll also help you navigate the intricacies of achieving and planning your legacy, through consultative support to build an enduring framework and value driven approach to your legacy.

Holistic Financial Oversight

From estate planning, insurance, and tax planning to private investment management, our comprehensive wealth management services ensure no stone remains unturned.

Liquidity Management

Handling capital calls and tax payments can be a burden for investors who have meaningful private investments. Our expertise allows us to manage your cash flow efficiently, aiming to beat traditional T-bill or money market fund yields.

Team Integration

Instead of replacing your current team, we work seamlessly with them, leveraging modern technology, ensuring that all facets of your financial and estate planning are coordinated.

Fiduciary Standard

At the heart of our quarterback model lies the fiduciary standard. As an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, our duty transcends mere service; we are held to a fiduciary standard to act in your best interest.

Trust and Estate Coordination

We partner with lawyers to draft estate plans, offering key decision points and advice. Additionally, we consider how your investments fit into the optimal vehicles and trust structures.

While managing a complex financial portfolio may feel like running a challenging playbook, with Lumida’s family office services quarterback offering, you can feel confident that every play is calculated and every move coordinated.

We act as your quarterback helping drive your financial and life goals to the end zone.

Learn more about how Lumida can help you and your family reach your goals.